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Mo2 Properties is the Chicago property management company that offers a wide array of professional property management services, from rent collection and maintenance to real estate tax management and financial reporting. We communicate with you regularly to keep you informed about your property, including vacancies, maintenance issues and finances — by phone, in person or through the 24/7 convenience of the Internet. Our team is always available to answer your questions and respond to your needs.

When you trust the property management services of your building to Mo2 Properties, you are putting your investment in the hands of the most reliable, organized and reputable luxury property management company in Chicago. We treat your property the way we treat ours — with care and pride. Our rental property management services are designed to help us meet our ultimate goal of maximizing your profits, minimizing your risks, and ultimately increasing the value of your investment.

Our Property Management Services

Timely Rent Collection. We understand that late or missing rent payments negatively impact your cash flow, so we attentively collect the rent each month and deposit it into your account as quickly as possible. Mo2 Properties offers tenants an online rent payment option to facilitate on-time payment; the online payments are deposited directly into your building fund. Our rent collection system is fair and professional, yet strict. Tenants who fail to pay their rent on time are automatically issued a late fee after the 5th of the month. We have experienced great success with this process, achieving a 99+ percent on-time collection rate!

Professional Tenant Screening. We are committed to renting only to quality tenants to minimize your risks. Renting to the wrong tenant jeopardizes your building and may endanger the other tenants. Mo2 Properties strictly follows all applicable laws and the highest industry standards when evaluating potential clients, including adherence to fair housing rules. We run thorough credit checks, background checks, employment verifications, a review of rental history and more.

Unit Turnover. We document the condition of every unit before a tenant moves in and after he or she leaves, so we can check for any changes in condition. Mo2 Properties retains an in-house cleaning service and painting crews to make certain all units are properly cleaned and painted before each new tenant moves in, presenting your property in its best light.

Responsive, 24/7 Maintenance. We don’t want your property to fall into a state of disrepair, nor do we want our tenants to live in unsafe or unhygienic conditions. Mo2 Properties provides an online maintenance request form that allows tenants to report issues as well as an emergency hotline number for evenings, weekends and holidays to ensure every request is handled appropriately when problems arise. We employ expert, reliable contractors to take care of any urgent repairs and maintenance needs.

Preventive Maintenance. Regularly scheduled upkeep and repairs by skilled professionals help keep your property in tip-top shape. Preventive maintenance also eliminates the need for more costly repairs down the road that may be required if issues are ignored when they first appear. Mo2 Properties employs building engineers who are on-site weekly searching for issues that may arise and preventing problems whenever possible. Mo2 Properties also handles chores such as semi-annual HVAC servicing and annual roof inspections.

Capital Improvements. Mo2 Properties recognizes the importance of assessing buildings and determining whether or not an improvement can generate additional revenue. Our firm will evaluate the cost of proposed improvements vs. increased return potential to help you reach the decision that is consistent with your particular investment strategy.

Insurance and Real Estate Tax Management. Our financial and tax experts continually reassess our insurance plans and protest increasing building property taxes. Mo2 Properties utilizes a blanket policy that leverages our company’s large portfolio to gain purchasing power and give our owners better insurance coverage at a lower rate than anyone else. Our firm also employs the best property tax attorneys to make sure our properties’ taxes are as low as possible.

Eviction and Legal Services Management. While never pleasant, an eviction is sometimes necessary. When a tenant fails to pay rent on time or violates other conditions of his or her lease, Mo2 Properties begins the legal procedures. We enlist an expert team of lawyers specializing in real estate transactions and tenants’ rights to ensure that all proper protocols are in place. We conduct evictions as efficiently as possible so that at the conclusion of this process, you can lease your property quickly.

Monthly Financial Reporting and Account Reconciliation. Mo2 Properties employs experts in financial reporting for property management. We work closely with your accountants to provide all necessary paperwork such as itemized statements and documentation that you need for filing your tax returns. In addition, owners have access to an online portal so they can view reports. While we manage your property’s financials, you can focus on running your business or seeking additional investments.

Seamless Online Rent Collection and Financial Reporting. The ability to pay rent online 24/7 is advantageous for both tenants and property owners. Tenants no longer have to write checks; rent can be paid conveniently and quickly via a variety of methods; and payments can be scheduled so they are automatically made on time.

Neighborhoods We Serve

From Andersonville to River West, Mo2 Properties is proud to offer the best in Chicago rental property management. Our goal is to give you all the benefits of being a landlord, without the hassles. We work with properties in any of the following communities:

The Mo2 Advantage

Ready to learn more about streamlining your apartment property management and enjoying more benefits? When you trust your property management to Mo2, you can rest assured that you are working with the best in the business. With decades of experience in the Chicago real estate market, our local expertise and knowledge is second to none. We offer a wide range of rental property management services — at competitive prices — that help you eliminate hassles, save time, and stay informed and organized. Isn’t it time to turn your investment over to the professionals at Mo2 Properties?

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