Transportation In Lakeview And Wrigleyville

When you’re shopping for a place to live north of downtown Chicago, one of the biggest concerns is transportation. How hard is it to commute, get together with friends or travel to other parts of the city? If this is your issue, consider the advantages of moving to the Lakeview and Wrigleyville neighborhoods.

When you choose a luxury apartment in this part of Chicago, you’ll enjoy incredible accessibility. Perfectly positioned on the north side of the city bordering Lake Michigan, Lakeview makes it easy to get wherever you need to go. Likewise, Wrigleyville puts you close to historic Wrigley Field and its surrounding sports bars, souvenir shops and passionate game-night crowds.

Living here, you can stroll the streets to take in great shopping, dining, baseball games or beachfront fun. Want to explore more of the city? Grab a Red Line train to some of the city’s best museums or theaters. Hop on a CTA bus to venture to other Chicago neighborhoods. From public transportation to taxis and ride-sharing services, there are many ways to get around in this community.

The Area’s Public Transportation Options

If you don’t have a car or just don’t want to be dependent on one, you’ll love how convenient public transportation is in Lakeview. Six different “L” stations serve the area: Addison and Sheridan stations of the Red Line; Paulina and Southport stations of the Brown Line; and Belmont and Wellington stations, each of which serves multiple lines.

Several bus routes also run through the area, including one that travels along North Lake Shore Drive with express service into the Loop. Whether you need to get downtown or to another part of the city, it’s easily doable via these efficient, affordable methods.

How to Get Around By Car

If driving is your preference, Chicago’s grid system of streets makes it easy to navigate your way around, whether you’re new to the city or have lived there all your life. Drive your car in and out of the city for the ultimate in freedom and independence, or take advantage of the many taxis and ride-sharing services available to get a ride when you need one. Car owners should note that available parking varies. Some apartment buildings include garages, while others offer plenty of street parking instead.

If you’re considering a new Lakeview or Wrigleyville address, transportation is one of the big selling points. Combine accessibility and convenience with this area’s abundant outdoor recreation opportunities, first-rate restaurants, trendy shopping boutiques, active bar scene and late-night venues, and you’ve got so much to love.

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