Mo2 History

“Everyone is like family to us because that is how we want our company to run,” -Ken Motew, Principal

Mo2 Properties, LLC is a family-owned, full-service real estate and property management firm. Founded in 2008 by brothers Ken and Michael Motew, Mo2 Properties has grown from a small team into a thriving business, expanding from 12 buildings to over 150 buildings. Through its team of real estate experts, property managers, building engineers, and contractors, Mo2 Properties has increased the size of its portfolio in recent years while staying true to its family roots. Mo2 Properties recognizes that the world of real estate investment is an enormous undertaking for first-time buyers, as well as seasoned property owners. With our 40+ years of combined experience, owners can feel secure knowing that Mo2 will treat each property as if it were their own. Mo2 Properties takes pride in being responsive and flexible as we meet the needs and desires of each and every client. Our goal is simple – maximize your profits, minimize your risks, and ultimately increase the value of your investment!

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Meet The Team

Ken Motew
Michael Motew
Principal, Managing Broker
Chris Clancy
Head of Construction Management
Kevin Schnell
Head of Brokerage and Acquisitions
Sheryl Durment
Head of Accounting
Marietta Gudantova
Accounts Payable Administrator
Taylor Korab
Chief Operations Officer
Roxanne Johnson
Nick Desalvo
Property Manager
Jacob Friedman
Assistant Property Manager
Ryan Pecka
Property Manager
Molly Watson
Administrative Assistant


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